How Drones are affecting the Tech. Market

Drones which were once only used by the U.S. military and scientists are now being produced and designed for people everywhere to enjoy. There are restrictions placed on the “quadcopters”, as they’ve become nicknamed, for safety reasons. But those who have the money to invest in these new machines can find a variety of different options available.Consumer drones are produced at an affordable price, from anywhere between $45 and $30,000.

Drones today have a number of uses. Filming and camera technology is being attached to the drones, with HD and sometimes even 4K resolution cameras, and are enabling filmmakers to capture incredible content from the air. This free cell phone spy technology has been used to provide great marketable content for golf course and other companies as well. But drones have more applications than just filmmaking. Today they’re being used for a variety of purposes.

Uses of Drones in Today’s World


Drones have been spotted all over the world, from the United States, to Europe, even to the beaches in Costa Rica. This remarkable technology is making its mark on the electronics market in more ways than one. It’s also no secret that there are a number of profitable, viable uses for the drone, both for businesses and humanitarian efforts. But the drone is also fun to use, and many are realizing that the drone is a more fun (albeit expensive) version of a remote control car.


The versatility of drones allows the upscale versions to fly for long distances, and many are equipped with cameras to capture amazing videos at great quality. This gives filmmakers the ability to record footage that can be used for commercials, movies, or other purposes. This gives drones a great use in advertising and movie making, for both professionals and amateurs.

Feeding Refugees in Syria

The Syria Airlift Project (SAP) has the goal of delivering aid to Syrian refugees who are currently across contested air space. The Syrian Refugee Crisis has left many people without food or medicine and other supplies. The drones are providing a solution where these advanced, lightweight, quiet flying robots can deliver supplies and airdrop them to refugees. They are too hard for hostiles to track, and are being used in assisting the relief effort for Syrians who are in need of help.

Search and Rescue

Drones are also being utilized in search and rescue missions to be able to find those that have been lost. There have even been opportunities for amateur drone pilots to volunteer their drones to work alongside the federal government in search and rescue missions. That small flying robots are being used to assist those who are assisting in rescue efforts is pretty incredible.

Mail and Package Transport

Amazon Prime Air is Amazon’s future delivery system. It transports packages 30 pounds or less using the small drones. Who knows how far off the implementation of this service could actually be?  However, once Amazon adopts the technology it can be assumed that other major retailers, both online and local, would consider this option when shipping out their services.

Consumer technology has yet again caught up to the military. UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles have been used in surveillance and reconnaissance missions for years. Now unmanned aircraft systems, (UAS), are being utilized to perform a variety of different tasks. These drones are going to have a huge impact on the consumer electronic market, especially as they grow to be less expensive and more accessible to the average consumer. It will be interesting to see how they continue to affect the market for electronics!